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New year, new beginnings

2 min readJanuary 6, 2019

Say what, a new website.

Now that 2019 has started it's time to set some goals. Goals that I should be able to achieve. I'm not going to run a marathon any time soon, so that's not one of the goals.

This is more of a personal goals type of thing.

More writing, start a blog

As I want to get better at writing documentation, articles etc, it's best that I try to do it regularly and hopefully improve my English as well. I like markdown for writing so that's why I'm using Jigsaw for this website.

Open source work

Try to help with some open source work. Off to a decent start with some pull requests for the documentation of Laravel Zero. Adding documentation might be best for now as that's also in line with goal number one above.

More exercise

Already ongoing actually as it was one of the goals from last year. Started playing badminton since last September and so far so good. It's just once a week and all in good fun. It's a good habit to have.

Less mindless browsing

We all do it I guess, browse Facebook, Twitter, watch Youtube videos, etc. At the end of last year I was already trying to spent less time on social media. Yeah not really a good idea when you just started a blog ... I know, I know ... . But it's mostly the mindless browsing that needs to stop. Other browsing is still allowed of course.

Less TV

Try to not spent as much time in front of a TV. Also the mindless browsing during that ... . Although you sometimes need to wind down. We can't be all focus all the time.

More drawing

One of my favorite hobbies is drawing, although it's also something I don't spent as much time on as I used to. So I would like to draw more. I tried it in 2017 with a sketch a day challenge, got to day 130 something which was decent. After that however it dropped off again.

Only thing I did manage to make is a "Happy New Year" card which I sent to friends and family. With that in mind I finally got round to making a landing page for Cardastique. Only had the domain name and idea for about 2 years .

More reading

It's been a while since I read a book without it having to do with technology in a way. I would like to start reading again even if it's just one book. Any recommendations are appreciated.